Gift Ideas for Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is coming! Marking the occasion with a family meal is a popular tradition in some families, but you can always add a little something extra to give dad a surprise. Here are some 10 hand-picked gifts suggestions from Hunt Simply’s own collection!

1. Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat

Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat

Pamper your dad with this comfortable Massage Pillow with Heat!

2. Back massage play-mat shirt


Fathers get a free massage while allowing their kids some fun on their back! Suitable for fathers with young boys!

3. Self Stirring Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Self Stirring Camera Lens Travel & Novelty Coffee Cup Mug

Cool self stirring coffee mug! Save the trouble of having a stirring spoon!
Great for dads who love convenience!

4. Big Hero 6 Baymax USB Flash Drive

Big Hero 6 Baymax USB Flash Drive

Is your dad your Big Hero? Remind him that you are his biggest fan this Father’s Day!

5. GRID-IT Sun Visor Organizer

GRID-IT Sun Visor Organizer

Does your dad need some organisation tools for his car?

6. Retro Large Size Directors Edition Alarm Clock

Retro Large Size Directors Edition Alarm Clock / Clapper Board Clapperboard Table Clock

A great reminder for dads that time with their kids is precious!
It will make a cool addition to their office to tell time.

7. Adidas miCoach Smart Ball

adidas miCoach Smart Ball

Is dad crazy about soccer? Here’s a cool gift to help him improve his dead-kick technique by providing instant feedback on the power, trajectory, spin, and strike accuracy of his kick! Help him to shed off some extra pounds and to keep fit.

8. Take a Break Mug

Take a Break Mug

Remind your dad that to take frequent breaks in his busy work schedule with this cool
“Take a break” mug!

9. Ostrich Pillow Light

Ostrich Pillow Light Sleepy Blue

Is your dad always on the go for work trips? Get him this to catch a quick nap during travel.

10. Dress for Dinner Paper Napkins

Dress for Dinner Paper Napkins Novelty Napkins

Give your dad a good laugh with this wacky gift.
He will thank you for it when he doesn’t stain his shirt on his next meal!

11. Super Dad Barely There Phone Case
Super Dad Barely There iPhone 6 Case

Remind your Super dad how much you adore him by decorating his device with a customized case. He will be re-energized whenever he feels tired throughout the day!


For others, the significance of Father’s Day is in its celebration, not the gifts given: it’s not only an occasion for the family to spend time together, but it is also a reminder to be a good father and son too.

Of course, Father’s Day is not the only day to show gratitude to dad – everyday is a day for us to appreciate your dads. From simple things like helping him get the newspaper and opening the door for him when he gets home are little ways to show you care.

12. Spend time with dad and the family

What does your dad like to do? Join him on his daily walk or exercise routine. He will appreciate your company.

13. Cook up a meal

Why not roll up your sleeve and get cooking, rather than going to a restaurant? It doesn’t need to be a banquet (unless you are a good cook to begin with). It’s the thoughts that counts.

14. Help dad wash his car

If you are really clueless on how to go about doing this, get help from the professionals. Take the car for a wash, or book an appointment to get the car waxed and polished.

15. Help dad with DIY jobs around the house

Is there a broken bulb or leaky tap around the house that need changing or repairing? If you lack the know-how, get professional help from the electricians and plumbers to get the job done.

Do share with us some practical ways you will show your dad you care!