How to Cut Down on Holiday Gift-Giving Stress

Whenever the holiday gift-giving season approaches, some of us might be stressed thinking about shopping for the perfect gift for our family and friends, within the limited time, energy and money. The season of joy can turn out to be a period that people weren’t finding joy in.

Putting a halt to endless gift exchanges will save you time, money and stress.
gift buying stress

Here are some ways to cut down on holiday gift-giving, while saving you time, money and stress:

Tip 1: Set a Realistic Budget

Set a realistic budget before you shop, and then plan carefully how to stay within it. This method keeps your spending in check, but may not reduce the energy and time you need to spend.

Tip 2: Limit the Shopping List

Start with a frank discussion with friends and family. Suggest to them about limiting gift exchanges, or eliminating gift-giving entirely. Asking them about alternatives to gift-giving can help you save money on holiday shopping.

  • For example, some families may draw names for gift exchange, set dollar limits or end gift-giving entirely.
  • Others may do something together instead of exchanging gifts. You can talk to your significant other about alternatives such as spending on trips, movies or a romantic weekend at home, instead of on gifts.
  • You can opt out of office gift exchanges. Bake cookies for co-workers or write each a note about what you appreciate.
  • Bring edible gifts to be shared with all, instead of getting individual gifts.

Tip 3: Collaborate with Others

Related to the above tip, ‘Gift-pool’ with other friends and relatives can ease the holiday-frenzy. If you are buying something expensive, coordinate with friends or relatives to buy that one gift, rather than buying individual gifts. Limit the gifts to things the children actually want or need. Or for example, all the relatives can chipped in to buy a year of housecleaning for the grandparents.

Tip 4: Pick a few Personalised Gifts

Buy or make unique gifts that can be personalised. You just need to pick one or two gifts to make everyone happy!

Tip 5: Be General: Buy Gift Vouchers

Get everyone a gift voucher to save time shopping to give everyone a different gift.

Tip 6: Ask for Advice

Seek advice from HuntSimply (or the like) and we’ll do the research for you and suggest suitable and budget-friendly gifts for the important people in your life.

Hopefully these tips will take some pressure off you during the Christmas season! Share with us your tips too!

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How to Cut Down on Holiday Gift-Giving Stress