Icebreaker Jenga Game

Using a tumbling block game such as Jenga, you can create your own icebreaker Jenga game and turn it into a personalised gift as well. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

You can do so by simply writing a simple icebreaker question on each block of the Classic Jenga Game set. Alternatively, you can print out strips of paper and stick them to the Jenga blocks.
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If it is intended as a gift, you may want to have the blocks engraved or laser inscribed with your own questions.

Therapy and Ice Breaker Jenga

You can play by the rules or create your own. For example, the person who pulls the block out from the stack must answer the question on the block before placing the block at the top of the stack.

If you are okay to include drinking challenges (non-alcoholic beverages will be recommended), the ICUP Drunken Tower will give you 60 wooden blocks, each with one of 15 challenging commands printed on it.

ICUP Drunken Tower

Do you have more ideas on how Jenga can be used as an icebreaker? Share your ideas with us using the comment box below!