Interesting Journals as Gifts

A journal could be a great gift for your friends or loved ones to help them preserve the precious moments or memories in their lives.  However, most folks typically think of a journal book as a normal book with lines or blank pages. Somehow, that could give them a fair bit of stress thinking about how to fill those pages with words or images (if they are more artistic).  Even though they might have thought of journaling, they often think that it takes up too much time! Time is always the commodity that is so lacking in our time and age.

Here are some interesting journals which could be given as gifts to transform your friends into avid journal writers:

1)One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

With this journal, you can jot down your “up” and “down” moments in one sentence in a small space provided in this interesting diary. That would force you to write more concisely. The cool part is that you can consolidate your one-liner thoughts on the same page for 5 consecutive years. In that way, you can see how your life has progressed along the years.

One Line a Day-A Five-Year Memory Book

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2) Why I Love You: A Journal of Us (What I Love About You Journal)

This journal for couples is great to keep their shared memories together. It could either be filled up by one partner or as a couple. The prompt questions are useful to trigger thoughts about each other.

Why I love you journal

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3)Mom’s Five-Second Memory Journal (Diary)

This journal is useful for mothers as they can just take a very short time to do some quick reflections on their day in their role as a mum by answer some interesting prompt questions in the journal.  It would be especially significant for new mothers as they can keep a super quick record of their emotions and thoughts during the new phase of their lives but find it hard to find time to write in a typical journal.

Mom Five second memory journal

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4) My Quotable Kid: A Parents’ Journal of Unforgettable Quotes

Children can sometimes say the funniest thing when you least expect them to do so. This journal will help parents record them in a timely way. A compilation of a kid’s “epic” quotes would definitely bring much joy and laughters even many years down the road!

My quotable kid

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5) Q&A a Day for Kids: A Three-Year Journal

Children grow so fast and it will be interesting to track how their thoughts of various things (like their favourite music, animal or things that they are excited about) change in 3 years. This book is recommended for younger kids from 4-10 years old.

Q&A for kids

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Interesting Journals as Gifts