Japanese School Backpack Randoseru

A randoseru is a study and functional backpack mandatory for first year elementary school kids in Japan. You might also have seen them in Japanese anime, manga and magazines.


The ubiquitous “randoseru” backpacks in Japan is now a coveted fashion item for the post-elementary school crowd – and outside of Japan as well. For example, actress and musician Zooey Deschanel was spotted in 2014 sporting a red randoseru. Even brands such as Nike, Converse and Puma have gotten into the randoseru business with their own sporty versions.

converse randoseru

These durable bags made in Japan are universally praised for their high quality, but they do come at a price. An average leather randoseru (made in Japan) can cost around US$300 to 500. Synthetic leather randoseru can also be bought at a lower price, especially if they are produced outside the country. The steep price tag is said to be for a good reason: they are made extremely sturdy, so the kids can use them throughout all six years of their elementary school. The rigid bags are strong enough to carry about three kilograms.

Randoseru can be purchased at major department stores, especially ahead of the new school year every spring (around / before April). But if you are not visiting the country, you can get them online at Amazon, ebay and rakuten.

Some examples


classic randoseru

You can’t go wrong with the traditional randoseru – as these are the most commonly used school backpacks in Japan.


girly randoseru

A girlish bright pink randoseru like the one above has kept a simple design while featuring subtle white stitching, suitable for sweet ladies.


french randoseru

There are randoseru with a dose of French flair, like this cute ‘Petit Terrier Rond’ bag with pastel blue shade.


stud randoseru

Randoseru like the one above makes a statement amidst the sea of plain red and black backpacks.

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