PowerSiesta: Ultimate Sleep Solution for Travel

Sleeping while traveling can be a nightmare. Without a proper neck support, one may nod off and hurt the neck. There may not be enough space to lean backwards against the seat. Putting the head down on the low tray table may cause another problem – back ache. But with PowerSieta, you can now sleep more comfortably than ever!

PowerSiesta is an innovative pop-up napper that helps you to rest comfortably on planes, trains and buses, so you can land feeling refreshed and ready to embark on your new adventure.
PowerSiesta may not look like it can create a good support for high quality sleep. Hmm…will it also be comfortable enough? But after trying it out with a jacket over PowerSieta, I find that this napper beats many traditional travel sleep solutions (such as neck pillows) in several ways. It is:

1. Ergonomic and sleek – Designed by an actual rocket scientist, the angle of the PowerSiesta follows the natural curve of your body, so you’re able to relax comfortably without straining your neck, back and shoulders.

2. Ultra-light weight (less than 11oz / 300g) and super compact (at 12″ by 10″ the size of a magazine, it folds down to 1″ thick, with dimensions smaller than a laptop), making it a portable solution for travellers. Unlike some travel sleep solutions, it is not awkward or bulky to cause any embarrassment
(especially on long-haul flights)

3. Eco-friendly and durable – it is made of 100% recyclable, biodegradable materials that are easy to clean

4. Easy to set up – the nine customizable panels folds out in seconds. You just detach it from the velcro that holds it together, and fold it to the standing position. You can place it on top of a tray table or your lap. With a pillow or folded jacket or scarf on top, you can wrap their arms around it, rest their head on the ergonomically-designed head rest, and drift away. When naptime is over, it folds up quickly and fits in your bag, laptop case, or carry-on luggage.

5. Affordable!

Allowing you to relax completely while leaning gently forward, PowerSiesta holds the power to let you rest properly while traveling. And it’s not just for planes either – PowerSiesta is perfect for anyone on-the-go – on trains, buses, in the backseats of cars, on your commute or even at your desk. You have to try it for yourself.

Pre-ordering through Kickstarter has started and will run until Tuesday, January 17. This is the link to the campaign: http://kck.st/2hgimuM

If you miss it, you can find out more about how to get your hands on the PowerSiesta napper here: http://powersiesta.com. Or check out what other people using PowerSiesta are saying:

(I received a sample of PowerSiesta for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.)