With the BASICS Wallet you get the best of both worlds: a slim profile and easy access to all of your cards.

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Minimalist wallets are often just that — a thin, featureless sleeve to stash a few cards, with no real way of organizing them in any way other than a simple hard to access stack. The Basics Wallet, on the other hand, is about as thin as any but also offers both a compartment that puts your single most used card within easy one-handed grasp and a pull tab that reveals your four next most used cards.

The elastic body also stretches to accommodate over a dozen cards at once if just five won’t do, and a pocket on the back side holds small stuff like cash, a key, and a bit of change.

In short, with the BASICS Wallet you get the best of both worlds: a slim profile and easy access to all of your cards.

It’s is NOT for everyone though. If you will still like to thumb through for the right denomination and remove only the bills you need while keeping the others hidden from view, you can’t do that. Similarly, every time you pull out your BASICS Men’s Slim Wallet, everyone around you gets a glimpse at not only two of the cards you are carrying but also the thickness of your cash wad. And because business cards are slightly wider than are credit cards, edges get immediately bent upon insertion, resulting in a less than professional look.

These are just byproducts of the primary objective of making the BASICS Wallet possibly the smallest and slimmest functional wallet on the market. I still find it classy, professional, casual, or active-the BASICS wallet for most situations. Choose your favourite color, or buy multiple colors to match your style.

See the BASICS Wallet in action!

Product Dimensions: 3.6 x 2.9 x 0.7 inches; 0.8 ounces

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BASICS Minimalist Elastic Slim Wallet- Card Holder, Cash, Coin, or Keys