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Speaker Cube is much more than a high-performance Bluetooth speaker. This product inspires kids to explore the science and technology inside every speaker through a series of fun, app-driven, hands-on activities. In the end, the kids build and personalize a rugged and great-sounding Bluetooth speaker that they will appreciate and enjoy for years because they know how it works!

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The Bosebuild Speaker Cube by Bose is a compact speaker designed to teach kids how modern audio technology works. Starting from the basics of sound and speakers, the kids will build a deeper understanding of concepts such as magnets/electromagnets and frequency/waveforms as they move toward assembling their Speaker Cube without help from mum and dad.
BOSEbuild Speaker Cube
The BOSEbuild Speaker Cube is carefully designed with kids (8 and older) in mind. The internal pieces are more rugged than usual and resilient to withstand the harsh treatment. Cables and connectors are big, bright, and easy to handle. Even the circuit board is clearly labeled. The included iOS app provides easy, clear step-by-step instructions and fun activities so kids can build a Speaker Cube all by themselves in about an hour.

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube
Although this companion application is only compatible with Apple devices (iOS 8 and newer, except the iPad 2), its built audio can be streamed from any Bluetooth 3.0 device or with the 3.5 mm audio jack.

The result of all this exploration and discovery is a durable, high-performance Bluetooth speaker. Most importantly, they can feel the sense of accomplishment that comes from building the speaker by themselves.

The product is now only available in markets within the US as it has not been certified to all local regulations for markets other than the US.

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube - A Build-it-yourself Bluetooth Speaker for Kids, BOSEbuild

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BOSEbuild Speaker Cube
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BOSEbuild Speaker Cube – A Build-it-yourself Bluetooth Speaker for Kids

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BOSEbuild Speaker Cube