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Cards Against Humanity is a card game is marketed as a party game for horrible people – because it is rigged for toe-curling awful and offensive jokes.

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Called Cards Against Humanity, the game is marketed as a party game for horrible people – because it is rigged for toe-curling awful and offensive jokes.

The rules are simple. In each round, one player is appointed the Card Czar to pull a black card that contains a fill-in-the-blank phrase or question. The rest of the players then have to each play one of the 10 white cards in their hand, with an aim to complete the black card with the funniest combination to win a point (decided by the Card Czar). To win, it is often about finding an answer that’s outrageous and witty in the right context – not just considering the prompts in the black cards, but also the different personalities playing the game. In the end, the player with the most points wins the game.

Some of the milder black cards may prompt questions such as “What are my parents hiding from me?” And possible answers include “Poor life choices” and “Oops, you’re adopted”.

The game has sold nearly one million copies, even though there is a free-to-download PDF version on its website and a web app called “Cards Against Humanity” made by a third party developer. It also has more than 18,000 5-star customer reviews on, where it is holding the No. 1 position on the Toys and Games list – beating well-known brands such as Lego and Play Doh.

Cards Against Humanity may be a gleefully evil game, but why I am recommending this is more because it has the potential to inspire some sweet gestures.

Kevin Choo from Singapore took the game to the next level by customising it for his wedding proposal. He successfully popped the question to his girlfriend, Evelyn Chee, with it. He got the sentence “Today is a good day for _______ to agree to ________” printed on a black card. The answers “Evelyn” and “Say Yes!” were printed as possible answers on white cards.

The game was then carefully orchestrated so that Evelyn ended up picking Kevin’s answer cards as the winning combination. The couple now say the card game now has a special place in their hears and they will keep playing it.

To customise the game like they did, contact us!

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