CGear Sand Free MultiMat


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The CGear Sand Free Multimat is ideal for the Beach, Camping and Picnics, anywhere you want to eliminate the annoyance of sand and dust in your recreational area.

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It can be quite frustrating when you are relaxing on the beach, but have to deal with grains of sand sticking to your body and getting in your food and belongings. With the CGear Sand Free Multimat, you might be able to solve this problem.

CGear Sand Free MultiMat

Simply lay the special beach mat on the ground and sand that falls on it will fall through the mat’s weave by itself. If a big lump of sand falls onto the mat, simply wipe your hand over it once and the sand will go straight through – works just like a “one-way sift”!

CGear Sand Free MultiMat

How it works
The secret behind these patented beach mats, which were originally developed for military use around the world, is that they actually consist of two separate dual-weave layers – unlike normal ground sheets or mats.

The top layer allows sand particles, dust and dirt to pass through to the ground beneath, whilst the bottom layer helps prevent sand coming up from underneath.

So sand that happens to accumulate on the mat will quickly disappear through to the other side in an instant, creating a sand-free environment in which to relax, and if there does happen to be any large lumps of sand, you can simply rub the sand into the mat with your hand and watch it disappear.

However, if the grains of sand are larger, harder or sticky, then this mat might not work well as the holes in the mat are small and require a fine to medium dry sand to filter. Also, if you have kids running around on the mat, it won’t be easy to maintain a sand free personal area.

Video Demonstration

CGear Sand Free Multimat comes in 2 colors (blue or orange), and are available in 3 different sizes – small (6 feet x 6 feet), medium (8 feet x 8 feet) and large (10 feet x 10 feet).

In addition, these mats both have some form of UV stabilizer built-in in order to prevent them fading in the sun, and they both have protection around the edge of the mat to prevent them getting ripped. So they should last a very long time.

They can also be attached firmly to the ground using the heavy D-rings, which makes them ideal for general outdoor use.

The mat has a dual layer weave which is resilient and developed to place picnic chairs and tables on a solid ground.

The mats are currently on sale (at the point of this writing) at You can also buy it directly from Cgear.

CGear Sand-Free Multi Rug
We recommend to lay on top of a towel or blanket should you wish to lay directly on it to add more comfort. You might also want to consider buying a sand-free multi rug that uses the same dual-layer technology to eliminate dust, dirt and sand, but offer a little more comfort.
CGear Sand Free Rug

The CGear Sand Free MultiMat and Rug are more than just a normal beach mat / blanket – they can useful when you go on a picnic or camping as well.

CGear Sand-Free Multimat (Blue/Lime, 10 x 10-Feet), CGEAR

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CGear Sand Free MultiMat
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CGear Sand-Free Multimat

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CGear Sand-Free Multimat (Blue/Lime, 10 x 10-Feet)


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CGear Sand Free MultiMat