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CouchCoaster is the ultimate drink holder for your sofa. It drapes over the arm of your favorite place to sit, keeping your drink safely within easy reach on the couch! It's ideal for the whole family and is suitable to hold mugs, tumblers, bottles and cans and works on a variety of shapes and sizes of sofa arm.


Had enough of spilled drinks in your living room? Balancing them on the armrest or placing them on the floor can be asking for trouble. But the coffee table seemed just too far away and there is only one side table for the whole family. With the CouchCoaster drink holder, you have an ideal solution.

The ultimate drink holder for your sofa
The CouchCoaster is a device that offers a stable cup holder across the armrests on your couch or armchair. When you don’t have a side table beside your couch, or if you don’t want to lean and reach out to your beverage on the coffee table, the Couch Coaster is an ideal tool to create a drink holder.

How it Works
The CouchCoaster is compatible with a variety of shapes of armrests (flat, curved, wide or narrow), as long as they measure just 5.5 inches (14 cm) wide or more. Simply place CouchCoaster over your sofa arm, set your drink down and get comfortable!

Product Features
The CouchCoaster is made made of high quality, durable and wipe-clean BPA-free silicone along with ABS plastic and iron for two weighted ends that hang on each side of the armrest, so that it keeps your drink balanced and secure.

It will fit all standard sized (up to 90mm in diameter) cups, bottles, cans, glasses, and even mugs or handled cups as it has a cleverly integrated mug handle slot. It also has an adapter that you can place inside of it to create a snug fit for bottles and cans up to 70mm wide.
The CouchCoaster is compatible with a variety of shapes of armrests (flat, curved, wide or narrow), which measure at least 5.5 inches (14 cm) wide or more.

CouchCoaster is a perfect gift idea ideal for the whole family. It comes in a few different colors to choose from.

Check out the CouchCoaster in action below.


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