Dino Pet


The Dino Pet is dino-shaped aquarium containing thousands of tiny, glow-in-the-dark plankton – one of nature's most magical occurrences. Now in the palm of your hand!

The Dino Pet is a living, interactive ‘pet’ that photosynthesizes during the day and glows brilliantly when you play with it (i.e. shake it gently) at night (or in a dark room). The alluring blue glow emitted by the Dino Pet is bioluminescence, made from a school of bioluminescent microscopic sea life (plankton) called dinoflagellates.
Dino Pet
By using sunlight, water and nutrients, instead of batteries or electricity, the Dino Pet allows you to experience the magic of bioluminescence in nature in the comfort of your own home.Dino Pet

A Dino Pet will typically live for approximately 1 month to 3 months on just indirect sunlight. Individual dinoflagellates divide every 7-14 days. You can extend its life (potentially indefinitely) by routinely adding a little bit of Dino Food 2.0 to the mix as needed.

Shaped like an apatosaurus, the plastic aquarium is far more than just a toy – the Dino Pet is also a contemporary living art piece, introductory pet, biological magic trick, conversation starter and science lesson that instills a sense of wonder in people of all ages. The spectacle is a sight to behold, making the Dino Pet a truly unique gift.

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Features & specs
Polycarbonate transparent micro-aquarium shaped like an apatosaurus
Includes living, bioluminescent dinoflagellates that glow in the dark when lightly shaken
Includes Dino Food to keep your Dino Pet glowing bright
Approximate size: 6” x 3” x 6” (15.24 cm x 7.62 cm x 15.24 cm)
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