Funny Coffee Mug for Mom



Help put a smile on Mom’s face in the morning with this lighthearted (but oh-so-true) coffee mug that communicates her state of mind during the various stages of coffee drinking. And if you’re getting a gift for yourself, Mom, then let this mug do the talking for you. Because speaking intelligibly can be hard before reaching the bottom of that cup.

A good sense of humor is always appreciated. Give a coffee mug to your mom or wife that is comical and can elicit a hearty chuckle from her even during the early morning. This lighthearted funny coffee mug for mom communicates her state of mind during the various stages of coffee drinking, putting a smile on her face when you get it.

Give a made-to-order mug from Zazzle to Mom or someone special. Or treat yourself to a design that makes you laugh. You can personalize your mug, or express yourself with one of the 10 million designs.

Funny Coffee Mug for Mom Customized Message

If you would like your mug to have a colorfully glazed interior or rim & handle, select ringer mug or two-tone mug in the style selector to the right. Color options include black, maroon, hunter green, light blue, lime, navy blue, orange, yellow, red, pink (two-tone mug only), and powder blue (ringer mug only).

You can purchase this quirky coffee mug from Zazzle for $16 (not including a 33% discount for custom Mother’s Day gifts till 27 April 2016, using the code THANKYOUMOMS) .


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Funny Coffee Mug for Mom