Funny Prescription Mug



This Funny Prescription Mug makes a great gift for caffeine addict in your life! It makes it look like you’re drinking your drug of choice, which, of course, you are!


This Funny Prescription Mug makes it look like you are drinking your drug, which, of course, you are! All sorts of funny information on the bottle’s “label,” including dosage directions: “Sip repeatedly until you begin to feel human”. Now you can also customised it with your own name and humour!

Give a made-to-order Funny Prescription Mug to someone special, or treat yourself to a design that brings you joy or makes you laugh. Create your own photo mug, shop our collection of the funniest joke mugs, personalize your mug with a monogram, or express yourself with one of our 10 million designs.

Prescription Mugs Examples

If you would like your mug to have a colourfully glazed interior or rim & handle, select ringer mug or two-tone mug in the style selector to the right. Colour options include black, maroon, hunter green, light blue, lime, navy blue, orange, yellow, red, pink (two-tone mug only), and powder blue (ringer mug only).

Funny Prescription Mug Styles

Your design will be printed on demand in San José, California.

  • Dimensions: 11-ounce mug measures 3.8” high x 3.2” diameter; 15-ounce mug measures 4.5” high x 3.4” diameter.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Strong, ceramic construction.
  • Meets or exceeds FDA requirements for food and beverage safety.

If your name happens to be Java Joe Espresso or you do not need any customisations, you can consider getting this Funny Prescription Mug from Think Geek or this other one from Etsy.

If not, check out all the customizable designs from Zazzle. Definitely a great conversation starter and gift for the caffeine addict!