Kooba Magnetic Target Game


Kooba Magnetic Target Game is a portable magnetic target game that performs like a sport and plays like a board game; great for indoors and outdoor gatherings including dinner parties, tailgates, and barbecues.

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Kooba Magnetic Target Game is a portable revolutionary game that combines the action and dexterity of darts with the strategic play of a board game into a new sports!

Kooba Magnetic Target Game

In place of pointed tips of darts, it uses magnets to stick a projectile onto a board. And you don’t hurl the projectiles (called Aeros) with your hands; instead, you launch them using a pair of metal sticks designed to send them soaring toward the Kooba target at the center of the board. To do so well will require a little getting used to for most people – just like any sports. Use the sticks correctly and the Aero flies off at surprisingly high speeds, before running smack into the board with a satisfying thud.

Kooba Magnetic Target Game

Long time toy designers, Scott Shanks and Stephen de Zordo wanted to create something new and totally different. Although Kooba is reminiscent of dart games, the propulsion achieved through its rod and magnet combo is like no other. The silkscreened board is elegantly designed, and its quality construction makes it surprisingly sturdy given its lightweight portability.

The best part of Kooba, though, are the game mechanics. Rather than simply using pure skills to score points like most dart games, it plays out like a board game, requiring the use of strategy in positioning your Aeros, attacking your opponents, and even blocking their path. The rules for three variations of play are included, but Kooba can be modified dozens of different ways.

Kooba Magnetic Target Game

Designed for two to four players, each fast-paced round only takes ten-fifteen minutes. From the living room to the backyard, kids, teens and adults alike will be lining up to give this sure fire family favourite and party game their best shot.

The set comes with one foldable board (for easy portability), a pair of launching sticks, three Aeros magnetic darts, and four markers (yep, markers, which work kind of like tokens in regular board games). It comes with a card listing rule sets for the official Kooba game, as well as two alternative games you can switch to just for kicks.

  • Game Board Materials: Textured vinyl with naugahyde outer casing, and sheet metal
  • Stick Materials: pultruded fiberglass
  • Aero Materials: neoprene, neodymium magnets, durable impact resistant plastic center ring and magnet fasters
  • 24″ x 24″ folding portable gameboard, 22″ Rods
  • Can be used outdoors or indoors
  • 2-4 players, Ages 14+
  • Includes: Folding Kooba board with integrated stick handles, 1 pair of shooting sticks, 3 magnetic aeros, 4 magnetic scoring markers, 1 Kooba bullseye, and instructions with 3 games
  • Board can be wall mounted using Command hooks, nail, screw, or tied to trees
  • Care instructions: Wipe clean with cloth
  • Dimensions: Game board folds open to 22″ x 22.5″ playing surface. Closed: 13.5″ x 22.5″
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs

Kooba Magnetic Target Game
Available now, Kooba retails for $69.95.

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Kooba Magnetic Target Game