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Pollaroll Toilet Paper Holder transforms your bathroom going experience into retro fun. Playing on the design of a Polaroid camera, this holder dispenses a sheet of toilet paper just like it used to dispense film.

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You probably do not want a camera in the bathroom. Probably except if it is the Polaroll. The Polaroll Toilet Paper Roll Holder works much like any toilet paper holder – it holds and dispenses standard sized toilet rolls. Except it looks just like an authentic Polaroid SX-70 One Step White/Rainbow camera spitting out its instant photographs.

Polaroll Toilet Paper Roll Holder
If you’d like to add a little novelty to a boring bathroom, this should make a nice gift for photographers and 80’s retro junkies alike.

You can even buy special toilet rolls with Polaroid-style sepia-tones photographs on it for the true camera and picture effect. Turn your trips to the bathroom into a trip around the world!
Polaroll Toilet Paper Refill
It might look unusual in your bathroom but any fans of photography will certainly love this bathroom addition. You can present it as a gift to Mom or Dad, though, to give their bathroom a spiffy, retro look.

The Polaroll is available now at Amazon.com.

Product Specifications
Dispenses toilet paper as it is dispensing a picture
Fun gift for people who love the retro look and feel of the 80s, and for photography lovers
Materials: Plastic
Back has 2 holes, 3 1/4″ apart
Comes with toilet paper spindle and two small wall anchors for installation

Polaroll Polaroid Camera Shaped Toilet Paper Roll Holder With Color Refill, Doiy

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Height: 370, Length: 1050, Weight: 60, Width: 720

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Polaroll Polaroid Camera Shaped Toilet Paper Roll Holder With Color Refill


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Polaroll Toilet Paper Roll Holder