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Shaped like a water spigot, the Power Tap charger works like any other universal charger.

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Shaped like a water spigot, the Power Tap charger works like any other universal charger. You plug in the USB cord and twist the knob to turn it on. A blue light displays to let you know that the device is charging while a red light lets you know it’s in standby.

If you are bored with stock standard Smartphone accessories or want something quirky to charge your mobile device but don’t want something bulky, this is one interesting purchase to add to your new collection.

While it’s more of a novelty than something actually useful, the makers do say it can help save energy. When the handle is turned to the off position, the tap uses 85 percent less power than when it’s on. (The other 15 percent serves to power the light on the tap — red for off, blue for on). Still, you might be able to find a practical use for the gizmo, using it to control some kind of USB-powered device that doesn’t have an on/off switch like those small desktop fans.

Beyond that, I think it would make a cool gift for any gadget lover. It’s pricier than plain USB wall chargers out there, but the fact that it doubles as an instant décor booster and conversational starter may make it a worthwhile purchase.


  • Charger compatible with iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, Tablet and most other USB charging cables
  • Charging cable and connectors not included
  • White clean design to go with any room
  • Fun gift for tech-savvy friend
  • Measures 3.74-inches by 2.17-inches

Thumbs Up UK Power Tap - Wall Charger - Retail Packaging - White, Thumbs Up UK

Price: $27.75
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Thumbs Up UK Power Tap – Wall Charger – Retail Packaging – White


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Power Tap Wall Charger