MiBro Really RAD Interactive Remote Control Robot



MiBro isn’t just a robot you watch, he’s a robot that’s totally under your control. Imagine the looks on your friend’s faces when they hear MiBro speak to them! Using his Really RAD Remote, your voice will come simply drive him up to someone and communicate with them from a distance. Not only that, you can change MiBro’s voice using MiBro’s voice changer function. With heaps of options, you can choose the Normal voice function so MiBro sounds like you, switch to Robot voice to sound like a real robot, or have your friends in fits of laughter by telling jokes using MiBro’s Helium voice.


3 AAA batteries required.

Go On a Spy Mission
Get sneaky and use MiBro’s “Stealth Mode” so he can spy and listen for you! Drive him quietly into a room like an undercover agent and listen as his microphone picks up sounds nearby and transmits them through his Really RAD Remote! Listen to your brother’s or sister’s conversations and hear their secrets – MiBro is the perfect silent friend to help you gather valuable information. MiBro’s got your back on any spy mission.

MiBro Can Be Your Robotic Butler
Your wish is his command – You can have him fetch any light weight items. Simply rotate MiBro’s arms upwards, slide the tray into his hands and place the item on the tray. Now your cell phone or favorite crisps are never too far away! Note: MiBro can carry up to 400g or 0.8lbs.

Show Off Your Ball Skills or Play Against Your Friends
With MiBro’s Ball and Goal you can show off your skills on the sports field! Place the Tray upright to use it as a Goal and challenge your friends to a ‘Goal off’. You can even play against a friend who has a MiBro! Plus with the Sports Mode Sound Effects you can celebrate every epic goal with cheering!