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Sunglasses that work like slap bracelets. SlapSee’s frames have a hinged nose-bridge so you can fold each lens away from each other, then slap the shades to your wrist using its flexible arms. Its lenses block 100% of UV light.

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slapsee sunnies slap sunglasses
The revolutionary Slapsee Sunnies Sunglasses are casual lightweight sunglasses that are designed to slap onto your wrist when not in use like the slap bracelets .

These casual specs feature a hinge at their nose-bridge to fold in half, aligning their tactile silicone-coated slap bracelet-like arms that can wrap around your wrist, ankle, bike handlebars, or anything else that’s suitable.

slapsee hinge

Slapsee Sunglasses - Slip them on

Slapsee Sunglasses - Slap them away

slapsee sunnies slap sunglasses on wrist

When in use, the slap sunglasses boasts 100% UV blocking lenses, in fact, the dark tinted lenses have a UV 400 grading, ensuring that 100% of harmful rays are blocked out, leaving you free to enjoy the heat all day long.

The slap sunglasses are perfect for any occasion – mixing old-school chic style with modern practicality, and they come in various colours, including Hot Pink, Mustard, Radiant Blue, Charcoal Gray, Coral, and Black.

slapsee sunnies sunglasses colours

Available at @ £19.99 (USD$31.09), or Slapsee @ NZD$39.99 (excluding shipping costs).

Check out the slap sunglasses in action via the videos below

SlapSee Sunnies: A revolution in sunglasses design

SlapSee Sunglasses They hold fold SLAP!


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Slapsee Sunnies Sunglasses