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The Slate mobile lapdesk is probably the essential lapdesk you will ever need. Made of premium bamboo, it’s ultra lightweight, super strong, and it will absorb the heat from your laptop. Suitable for up to 17″ laptops.

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If you have been using a fan-powered (and noisy) laptop desk or cooling pad, or if you have to work for long periods on the laptop without a desk, the Slate mobile lapdesk is probably the essential lapdesk you will ever need.


The Ultimate Lapdesk
Laptops are designed for mobility but they’re missing the comforts of a desk. Many of us experience poor posture and back pains, lost items, heat on our laps, and an overall slow work speed. Most products in stores do not perform well for our laptops. So, the invention of the Slate lapdesk was became a dream came true.


Obsessive Attention to Detail
The Slate is cut from a block of pure, premium bamboo. It’s ultra lightweight, super strong, and it will absorb the heat from your laptop. At 3.4 pounds or 1.5 kg, it is not exactly but considering it is made of quality bamboo (and not cheap plastic), the weight is understandable and acceptable.

The curves, air ventilation, and docking station are chiseled, hand-sanded, and polished to mirror the feeling of glass. A super thick and heavy duty mouse pad is installed and sits flush against the surface of the slate. It’s practical and aesthetically pleasing, bringing form and function to our daily lives.


Heat Protection
Comfort should include temperature control but laptops release continual heat. The Slate’s ventilation cools down our laptops. Any of the remaining heat is absorbed within the natural bamboo.

Slate Mobile LapDesk

The Perfect Posture
The Slate lapdesk is a promoter of healthy posture. The mousepad balances to the right and the laptop is centred, facing our bodies. It’s just like using a desk but the Slate can be used in comfortable environments.

Phone and Tablet Display
The Slate couldn’t be considered the Mobile LapDesk without an extended display dock for our phones and mini tablets. The dock includes a cable slot and it can fit just about any phone or mini tablet on the market.

Slate Mobile LapDesk


Available on iskelter and Amazon.

Slate: Mobile LapDesk - The Essential Lap Desk, iSkelter Factory

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Slate Mobile LapDesk
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Slate: Mobile LapDesk – The Essential Lap Desk


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Slate Mobile LapDesk