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Spaceteam is a fast-paced, cooperative shouting card game where you work together to repair a malfunctioning spaceship. Coordination with your team is crucial as you try to escape an impending black hole. Success is seemingly just out of reach as you encounter one complication after another. Your only hope is to work together with your Spaceteam to repair the ship before it's too late.

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Adapted from the Spaceteam mobile game, Spaceteam Card Game started off as a Kickstarter project. It is a fast-paced, cooperative shouting card game where you work together, racing against time, to repair a malfunctioning spaceship. The goal is for 3 to 6 players to collaborate on the task of ensuring that all malfunctioning ship systems are working properly before time runs out in 5 minutes or less.

Spaceteam Card Game

How It’s Played

Each player must deal with the various malfunctions in their sector by flipping cards from the malfunction deck in front of them, and fixing the ship’s systems. You’ll have an arsenal of disorganized space tools spread among all players’ hands, but finding the right tools can be harder than you think, especially when your Spaceteam is frantically worrying about malfunctions in their own sector. If that wasn’t hard enough, you’ll also have to deal with complications such as wormholes and asteroid fields, which require the entire Spaceteam to coordinate. There are no turns; everyone plays and shouts at the same time. You’ll win if enough malfunctions are corrected to reveal the 6 hidden System-Go Cards before time is up.

You’ll probably get the best understanding of how the game works from this video.

What You’ll Get

The Spaceteam deck comes with 90 cards, a timer, and instructions. It is recommended for ages 10+. Unless you also decide to throw in the Spaceteam Expansion: NSFS pack because you want to shout at friends crudely and profanely, in which case you probably shouldn’t invite anyone under 18 aboard. Adding the expansion allows for up to 9 players, but can accommodate 12+. The cards are said to be ‘highest quality cards which are 100% plastic: waterproof & tear resistant’ but I find that protective card sleeves are still needed.

The Spaceteam Card Game makes a great gift for friends who love cooperative card games, technobabble, or simply shouting at your friends! Now selling at, check it out!

Spaceteam: A Fast-paced, Cooperative, Shouting Card Game, Timber & Bolt, LLC

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Spaceteam Card Game

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Spaceteam: A Fast-paced, Cooperative, Shouting Card Game


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Spaceteam Card Game