The Incredible Spill Not

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Minimize the risk of accidents while transporting your beverage by placing it on the spill proof mug holder. It features a simple design that consists of a hanging saucer attached to a very flexible loop handle that prevents the delivery of lateral acceleration to the cup.

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The Incredible Spill Not is the an amazing tray for carrying cups of hot beverages with no spills!

The Incredible Spill Not
It may look like a simple hanging saucer, but the Spill Not is incredibly effective, durable and elegant. With the Spill Not, the liquid does not spill or slosh in the cup, and the cup doesn’t slide when carried, even if it is swung all around.

Why not? The answer is that the loop handle (think of it as a ‘thread’) is very flexible and cannot deliver a lateral acceleration to the cup, which is what usually makes liquid spill from an open container that is not tipped.
The Incredible Spill Not
It’s suitable as a gift for anyone, but especially so for those with condition that affects their balance and coordination. Still, spillage may occur if the Spill Not is bumped. Not for use with liquids that are hot enough to scald. Not recommended for moving vehicles. Not for children under 3 years of age.

May the Centripetal Force be With You!

(Please Note: the mug in the photo is not included)

The Incredible Spill Not, SPILLNOT

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The Incredible Spill Not
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The Incredible Spill Not


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1 review for The Incredible Spill Not

  1. JB

    Very happy with overall experience. Shipping was fast, got it within a week of ordering it. I’m so glad I decided to gift this! I was a little sceptical at first but this thing does exactly what it says it does, it spills not :)
    The person I got this for is a bit accident prone, they use it everyday and absolutely love it. I think this product would be great for the elderly, disabled/handicapped, someone with health/medical problems, someone coming out of surgery/rehabilitation, or someone who’s accident prone. Thanks for an awesome product!

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The Incredible Spill Not