Socks That Looks Like Shoes

Taking off my shoes before entering the house is known to reduce contamination of the house with bacteria. But maybe you do not want to march around in your bare feet at someone’s home, especially when you picked your shoes to match your outfit. Wouldn’t it be great if you could be wearing just your socks but make it look to everyone like you’re wearing shoes?

Here are some sandal socks that makes it look like you are wearing shoes. Makes the perfect funny gift!

1. Sneakers Silly Socks

Sneaker Silly Socks

(Get the Red Sneaker Silly Socks from

2. Baseball Socks
Baseball Socks

3. Non-skid Red Slipper Socks

Non-skid Red Slipper Socks

4. Foot Traffic Women’s Non Skid Sneaker Slipper Socks
Sneaker Slipper Socks

5. K. Bell Socks Men’s Sneaker Socks
K. Bell Socks Men's Sneaker Socks

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Socks That Looks Like Shoes