The Trash Bag Tango

“In the above video, Walsh shows us a decluttering dance that he calls the “Trash Bag Tango.” “The idea here is to clear the superficial clutter out of your home,” he explains.

First, get out two trash bags.

In the first bag, place any trash items you find laying around.

In the second bag, place items you’d like to donate (or sell at a yard sale). This includes old books, clothing that no longer fits — anything you no longer need and want out of the house.

The key, Walsh says, is to keep filling up the bags bit by bit. “If you do this simple, 10-minute routine every day for a week, you’ll notice a difference,” he promises. “Do it every day for two weeks, everyone will notice a difference. And do it every day for a month, you’ll really be on top of the clutter.””
Source: The Huffington Post

Walsh recommends two trash bags and ten minutes to declutter your home; while some may use three bags in accordance to the “Rule of Threes”: one pile to trash, one pile to donate, and one pile to keep. And still, others use another bag to put stuff for recycling.

Regardless of the number of bags or number of minutes you spend, the principle of “you eat an elephant one bite at a time” applies.

Take small bites out of your elephant. But most importantly, determine what the end outcome will look like when you’ve eaten the whole elephant; this will help keep you focused on the results, not the mundane daily routine.

Get started by getting some drawstring trash bags.

Drawstring Trash Bags

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The Trash Bag Tango