Umbrellas That Dry Quickly By Shaking

My umbrella may keep me dry in a storm, but that doesn’t stop it soaking my bag, or keep water from dripping on the floor when I’m eventually under shelter. That is until I bought an “instant dry Umbrella” in Taiwan’s Shilin Night Market more three years ago. The umbrella dries quickly with a simple shake (or a few shakes) of the umbrella when I get out of the rain, leaving it ready for storing in a bag or hanging on a hook indoors. No more wringing or looking around to find a plastic cover to keep water from dripping all over the place, or a place where it can dry off.

Without going to Taiwan, here are two instant dry umbrellas you can buy online:

1. MoMA Instant Dry Umbrella

Shake off the rain—literally—with this revolutionary “wet-free” umbrella, featuring water-repellant fabric that lets you to knock off lingering raindrops in one swing. Called ‘Nunnurella’, the design means it can be stowed in a bag or pocket, without getting it wet.

It also shuts out 99% of ultraviolet rays, while a flat handle and anti-slip material keep it steady. Features include a three-fold design so you can squeeze it into your gear bag, a flat handle for an easy grip, and an anti-slip material to ensure it holds in place. It comes in two colors: red and blue.

This best-seller is available from the MOMA Store and

2. Sevitti Travel Automatic Umbrella

Sevitti Travel Automatic Umbrella
The sturdy Sevitti Travel Automatic Umbrella is a collapsible umbrella that open/close with the press of a button. It has a bigger canopy size – 41-42″ wide when open – so it can easily protect 2 people from the rain. It too dries quickly by shaking off raindrops thanks to special coated fabric used for the umbrellas.

It is available from

Please share with us other instant dry umbrellas you have tried!

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Umbrellas That Dry Quickly By Shaking