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The Decision Paperweight ease the burden of making decisions in your life, and serves as a paperweight as well!

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Let the Decision Paperweight ease the burden of having to make so many decisions in your life. Balancing all the pros and cons of every call can be tiresome. Spin this gorgeous aluminum paperweight to have your questions answered. The middle spins until it lands on a “decision” – or should you “sit on it” for a bit first, or “pass the buck” to someone else?

It is a perfect gift for those who have indecisive moments. Any indecisive friend will find relief with the help of this decision maker that also serves as a paperweight as well.

Made from Aluminium. Measurements 3.5″ W, .75″ H, Weight: 13.5 ounces

If you are buying for a lawyer friend, or someone who works in the stock exchange, check these out:

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*We do not recommend that you make important decisions based on chance!

Natico Decision Maker and Paper Weight (60-2622), Natico Originals, Inc.

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Decision Paperweight
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1 review for Decision Paperweight

  1. Karla Thompson

    This is a fun gift that isn’t too expensive for the quality. I just purchased the Lawyer version of the Decision Paperweight for a new lawyer in our family. It is nicely finished and the outer portion rotates smoothly around the inner circle. It eventually stops with the little red dot in one of the magic decision spots. Hope he will use it as a stress relieve rather than to make real decisions! It makes for a fun present to sit on the desk of any lawyer.

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Decision Paperweight