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The Messograf Caliper Pen is a multipurpose instrument, constructed of chromium-plated brass for those who demand more than just the joy of writing.

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The Messograf Caliper Pen is a “Swiss army knife” disguised as a pen. It is not only a retractable, refillable ballpoint pen, but a caliper rule, ruler, a screw thread scale and a tire-tread gauge. Not to measure air pressure, but to determine tread depth. Only this multipurpose tool does not have a knife. It also does not hail from Switzerland, but Germany. The chromium-plated brass is also super sleek.

Messograf Caliper Pen

You have a 4″ exterior Vernier caliper (0.1mm metric and 1/16″ inch scale). In addition, there is a metric screw thread scale and a tire tread gauge.Messograf Caliper Pen

Made in Germany from chrome-plated brass, the Messograf Caliper Pen has since travelled worldwide with entire generations of engineers across the globe finding these top quality pens indispensable in their everyday professional life.

Messograf Caliper Pen


  • Made in Germany and is the best looking pen on the block
  • It’s a pen, it’s a Vernier caliper, it’ll check your tire tread!
  • Retractable ballpoint pen to mark down your measurements
  • 4″ exterior Vernier caliper (0.1mm metric and 1/16 inch scale)

Messograf Caliper Pen, Cleo Skribent® of Germany

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EAN List Element: 4018987200005

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Height: 59, Length: 610, Weight: 7, Width: 98


Cleo Skribent® of Germany


Cleo Skribent® of Germany


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Height: 50, Length: 610, Weight: 10, Width: 100


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Cleo Skribent® of Germany


Cleo Skribent® of Germany


Messograf Caliper Pen


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Messograf Caliper Pen