Mighty Pint Glasses



The Mighty Pint Glasses grips to any smooth, flat, solid surface when you bump into it, but lifts up naturally, helping to avoid spilling.

Like the Mighty Wine Glasses, the Mighty Pint Glasses (also from Firebox) will save you from the worry that you will spill your beer.

Mighty Wine Glassess
Mighty Wine Glasses Knocked On the Side

The Mighty Pint Glasses are an ideal set of pint glassware designed specifically to prevent toppling. These glasses (note: they are made out of BPA free plastic) feature an innovative ‘Smartgrip Technology’ at the base of the glass which creates a vacuum seal that keeps the glass firmly planted on any surface. This keeps spills from occurring as well as glasses from unnecessarily breaking.

Mighty Wine Glassess
Mighty Wine Glasses Lifted Straight Up

If the glass is knocked the cup simply teeters and returns back to its upright position. Despite the suction base, the glass can still be lifted as normal.

£24.99 for a set of two Mighty Pint Glasses for sharing the magic. Perfect gift for the accident-prone beer lover (or any other drinks). Get it from Firebox, also available in whisky and wine glass versions.

Product Features:
Set of two Mighty Mug Barware pint glasses
Made of crystal clear tritan – dishwasher and freezer safe
100% BPA free plastic
Withstands knocks from 360 degrees
Top rack dishwasher safe!

24 oz = 1.2pints
6.25″ x 3.75″