Micro Luggage Reloaded



This cabin-sized hard shell case with a fold-out scooter weighs in at only 5kg and is compact enough for hand luggage, Micro Luggage will make an ideal travel companion for any trip you make.


The Micro Luggage Reloaded is a carry-on luggage case with an integral kickboard, designed to save high flyers time and hassle moving through airport terminals – especially when rushing to catch your transfer flights! Sure, you may get people looking at you while you speed by them, but it’ll be the look of “I want one”!
Micro Luggage Reloaded

Designed for use by adults, this mobile ride can carry up to a maximum of 220 lbs. Also, for taller travellers, it now has a new, strong aluminium deck and extendable handle bar allows for 3 inches of extra length (total 39 inches) for pulling your scooter behind you in roll aboard mode. It is not recommended to ride with the handlebar at this setting, though.

Micro Luggage Reloaded Extension

With smooth-riding polyurethane wheels and a new steering mechanism that enables optimum steering, the ride is more fluid than ever. The steering is based on the principle of weight transfer, simply lean to steer while riding the luggage.

The sleek Samsonite-designed hard shell luggage case has case capacity of 26 liters – enough room for 2-3 days of clothing, workout gear, a 17 inch screen laptop, and specially designed easy grab front pockets for toiletries, paperwork etc, while waiting at the gate to board. All the space you need for that quick trip!

Micro Luggage Reloaded

Note that since the Micro Luggage Reloaded weighs in at 5kg, hence probably will make an ideal travel companion mainly for short trips.

When you reach the plane, fold it up and your Micro luggage becomes a conventional luggage that you can place in the standard overhead luggage compartment. Designed for adults, with a TSA compliant case.

You’ll never miss another connection. Roll the World with Micro Luggage Reloaded.

– Separate easy grab pocket for wash bag
– Separate mesh section gym clothes
– Separate secure padded pouch for 17 inch laptop
– Separate pockets for 8″ x11″ note pad, business cards etc
– Micro Luggage suitcase is TSA compliant

Too add to the Micro Luggage trend our new Steve Aoki version is out. As a successful American DJ and music producer who travels around the world, Steve Aoki was inspired to combine this unique mobile luggage with his passion for music. This kit comes with integrated Sound2Go speakers which work via bluetooth and its is now possible to play the sounds on your smartphone over the case. The design has also been adapted by Aoki and its not for the shy at heart.

Steve Aoki Micro Luggage

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Micro Lugggage




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EAN List Element: 7640108568694

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Height: 2283, Length: 1378, Weight: 1014, Width: 1260




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Height: 1030, Length: 2320, Weight: 1535, Width: 1640


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Micro Luggage