Monikers Party Game



This hilarious party game challenges you to get players to guess as many names as you can. For 4-16+ player and suitable for ages above 17.

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Monikers Party Game is a hilarious party game that challenges you and your friends to guess as many names as you can, from pop-culture icons to oddball names such as Evander Holyfield’s ear. If you love playing Cards Against Humanity, you may like this one too!
Monikers Party Game

For 4-16+ players, and 30-60 minutes of playtime, you and your friends will get an intensive brain exercise as you’ll need to get your memory working and word skills churning. Plus you will get a physical workout with all the laughing!

How to Play
Split into two teams, give each player eight cards, select the five cards that best suit your group, then shuffle them all up. One player on each team is then given the tricky task of getting their compatriots to guess the identity of the person on the card without using their name.

Draw a card and get your team to guess what it says. In the first round, you can say anything you want; in the second, you can only use one word; and in the third, you can only do charades. Since the same cards are used in each round, your team will really get to know your line-up and inside jokes will be key to deciphering who’s who.

The game is a gift suitable for anyone above 17 and loves party or memory games. You can take out the raunchy names if you are playing with friends below 18. Since there are 550 cards, including 50 blank cards to customize with your own names, you can easily afford to do so.

Monikers Party Game
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Monikers Party Game
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Monikers Party Game