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TempTraq Wearable Bluetooth Thermometer is a 24-hour wearable, wireless, and intelligent thermometer in the form of a soft comfortable patch.

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TempTraq Wearable Bluetooth Thermometer is a 24-hour wearable, wireless, and intelligent thermometer in the form of a soft disposable adhesive patch. Inside is a thin and flexible battery and other electronic parts for measuring temperature and transmitting the results continuously to a your iOS or Android smartphone connected via Bluetooth.


It gives parents peace of mind and their sick children the rest they need to get better. Using your smart phone to monitor your child’s temperature is the latest trend for busy parents and it is now easier than ever thanks to products like TempTraq.


The TempTraq contains a patented flexible battery and can measure temperatures between 86.0°F and 108.3°F, providing both real time and historical data in graphical or tabular view. Caregivers can receive real-time data from the thermometer from up to 40 feet away, and simply press a button on the thermometer while typing in a unique access code on the companion app to start using it.


The thermometer is great for parents who want to measure their child’s temperature without disturbing their rest, or the need to jot the temperatures down manually.

Do note that it is a one-time-use patch (single use; 24 hour monitoring), so and given the price, you would pray not to need one every other day, it could be an invaluable piece of health tech at home. Also, each TempTraq has a shelf life of about one year, so you wouldn’t want to stockpile them.

If you had to use two, three, or four TempTraqs, when a fever strikes and you want to monitor your kid closely and continuously, the $50 to $100 would be well spent – TempTraq is currently the best way to do it. You might want to check out the Baby Check and the iThermonitor.

Until a better device is finalized and comes to market, parents should consider keeping a TempTraq on hand.


  • No Need to Disturb Them: Monitor their temperature from the next room, allowing them to sleep soundly.
  • Monitor Multiple Children: TempTraq allows you to monitor multiple patches assigned to multiple children at the same time.
  • Comfort Flex: Soft, thin and flexible, the patch is comfortable to wear and easy to remove.
  • Wireless: The patch sends your child’s temperature to your select Android or iOS Device.
  • 24-Hour Monitoring: TempTraq continuously monitors temperature for 24 hours.
  • Safe and Secure: The patch is safe to wear and stays securely in place.
  • Fever Alert: TempTraq notifies your smart device when the alert temperature has been reached.
  • Make Notes: TempTraq allows you to make notes for each child so you can record important information.
  • Export Data: TempTraq allows you to and easily send data to the doctor, the baby sitter, or grandma.

Baby Check Bluetooth Wearable Thermometer, Baby Check

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  1. Shinya Rika

    It’s a life-saver. Thanks for recommending it! I absolutely love this. It was put to the test pretty soon after purchase when our child fell ill. TempTraq allowed us to get the rest well, while it monitored the temperature through the night. While it is not cheap, I think it should be part of the standard emergency kit for any home, especially for families with young children.

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TempTraq Wearable Bluetooth Thermometer