TOTENJS Lobster Slippers



If you’re looking for a fun flip-flop to wear around the house or a beach sandal with flair, get yourself a pair of these lobster-shaped flip-flops, branded the Flip Flobsters. Now you can don the lobster sandals to match your sunburn!

Nothing shouts “cool” like a pair of sneakers with a seafood theme. More importantly, these lobster Flip Flobsters are flexible and rubbery, with non-skid bottoms, and will keep you upright even if your foot becomes wet.

Green, red, and orange are the three colors available for the Flip Flobsters!

The lobster flip flops are available in women’s sizes 4-14 and men’s sizes 4-11.

The price of these lobster sandals varies depending on the design and size.

Don’t forget to get your wife a pair of largemouth bass sandals to match!