Storytelling for Learning Maths

Reading storybooks during maths lessons may sound unusual, but this literature-based approach to teaching maths has worked to engage children who dislike the subject.

One of the stories is The Number Devil, an international best-seller about a boy who suffers from maths anxiety. Over the course of 12 dreams, he is visited by a strange creature who teaches him concepts such as prime numbers and square roots in a fun way.
The Number Devil
Another is the “Sir Cumference Math Adventures”- a series of 9 books for kids in fourth grade and older. The main characters in the books are Sir Cumference, his wife Lady Di of Ameter, and their son Radius. Each of them has a book that focuses on them.
Sir Cumference Math Adventures
The stories explain concept in a way that is more fun than a teacher writing on a whiteboard and giving long explanations. A practical gift for children age 8 – 12 years learning maths that will show them (and their parents) how topics in maths such as arithmetic can be great fun.

Check out the video of “Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi” below:

Here are links to some online stores where you can get these books:

The Number Devil and here and here

Sir Cumference Math Adventures series