Taking Chess to A Whole New Game

Playing chess is fun but like most boardgames, it gets even more so when more people can play. Games related to, derived from or inspired by traditional chess are abundant. Wikipedia lists many of them – some are variants that use the original board but with different starting positions or rules, some use different boards and/or unusual (fairy) pieces; be it a single-player or multi-player variant.

Here we introduce to you a few Chess variants to take the game to a different level and dimension!

1. Three Man Chess

Without compromising any of the rules, strategy, or fun of Chess, this variant board has been developed that accommodates three players.

The big change with Three Man Chess is the board, which is now sized to accommodate three sets of pieces, along with enough empty space to manoeuvre them in. Instead of a square board, they use a circular one, complete with a zero center space that presents room for new strategies and accompanying challenges that can baffle even highly-skilled chess players.

Besides a different board, the other changes from conventional chess are new rules. The complexities of the third player are now infinite, creating multiple trust and doubt situations among all players.

Three man chess

Three Man Chess

Three Man Chess

With this Chess variant, you will never have that annoying third person who always commenting on your every move again!

2. Chess 4

Why play with 2 or 3 players when you can have 4?! It is even more intense “social” experience, and just like the description on the box- it’s not just a game, it’s a WAR! It’s unbelievable how much fun it was to play both for novices and experts of Chess.

chess 4

chess 4

3. Strato Chess

Take chess to a whole new level with the Strato 3-D Chess Set. This challenging chess set includes 3 acrylic chess boards set atop 3 different tiers. Players must think in terms of left and right, forward and back as well as up and down. Players have to strategize movements with the new risk of being attacked from above and below as well as from the traditional two dimensions.

Strato Chess

Do you have any fun Chess variants to recommend? Let us know by commenting below!