Sloth Shaped Coffee Mug



Who among us doesn’t love a sloth? They are lovely, soft, and cuddly. How about a sloth-shaped coffee mug as a present?

The arms and legs of the sloth appear to be wrapping around your coffee and hugging it in the sloth coffee cup. It’s the perfect mug for anyone looking for a gorgeous coffee mug to use at work, including sloth aficionados.

The sloth mug’s top features a sweet tiny sloth face that is smiling at you and facing to the side. You can grab the mug with the handle behind the head and wave it in the direction of any coworker who is having a bad day.

The sloth-shaped coffee mug can carry up to 13 oz of liquid, making it somewhat larger than a conventional mug to accommodate more coffee.

The sloth mug is made of premium porcelain, is microwave and dishwasher safe, and is exceptionally tough to help it survive for years!

The distinctive sloth mug has a brown finish and black paint specks to make it look like a real sloth!